Pediatric Dental Services in Fort Wayne, IN


Preventative Care

Dr. Shupe and his team are dedicated to battling tooth decay. Children are just as susceptible to plaque and bacteria as adults are. Proper dental health and a healthy diet can lead to a clean and healthy mouth. Let us guide you through the steps!
  • Prevent Tooth Decay
  • Proper brushing technique
  • Flossing
  • X-rays
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
Proper brushing and flossing are essential to preventing cavities. Food gets caught in the crevices in and between our teeth. Proper brushing and flossing techniques are essential to remove the debris and bacteria.

What If My Child Has a Cavity?
Our expert team here at Dentistry for Children, Inc. will take care of cavities before the bacteria spreads to other parts of the mouth. Fillings or crowns can be placed to prevent further decay until the tooth falls out.
Primary teeth ("baby teeth") are important to keep healthy. They are needed for eating, proper growth and speech development.

Restorative Care

If your child has experienced severe damage or tooth decay, they may require additional or closely monitored care. Dr. Shupe and his staff are prepared to serve you and your child and provide you with the most affordable care available.
  • Composite tooth colored fillings
  • Silver fillings
  • Crowns and extractions
  • Space maintenance
  • Endodontics

Emergency Care

Children are prone to falling and scraping their knees plenty of times in their lives. But sometimes falls and other accidents can cause serious damage to their teeth. Dr. Shupe and his team are here to help in the case of these emergencies.

Emergency Care Includes:

  • Broken tooth
  • Tooth injury
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Toothaches
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